How Well Does Test Clear Work?

Drug tests are becoming the norm in different walks of professional life. Almost all reputed companies expect their new hires to undergo a drug test before they

could be hired. Some companies even carry out random drug tests on existing employees without any notice. If you do recreational drugs, passing such surprised drug tests at the workplace can be quite a challenge, and you would probably lose your job. Fortunately, there are some products that can help you circumvent such testing. Test Clear is among the leading names when it comes to powdered urine kits. By the way, powdered urine is not fake urine. It’s essentially human urine that has been dehydrated and converted into powder.

Intro to Test Clear

Test Clear is basically a urine replacement or substitute, which would come in handy when you’re high and you have to undergo a drug test. It comprises all necessary ingredients, including uric acid. Test Clear has been around since 2012 and over the years, it has come even closer to replacing real urine, thanks to regular testing and improved technology. The product package comprises a natural and clean powdered urine kit. The powder should be dissolved in water for some clean urine. The kit includes a vial that has 100 percent human powder urine, a bigger vial to facilitate transport and mixing, and a packet of two toe/hand warmers.

Using the Product

Using the kit is quite simple. Open the powdered urine vial and add it to the transport/mixing vial. Add tap water to the transport/mixing vial up to the brim. Screw the lid on and vigorously shake the vial to dissolve the constituents. Apply toe/hand warmer to the vial’s side to attain the required urine temperature. Take the transport vial to the test facility without anyone finding it out and discharge the urine into the specimen collection vessel.

If after adding water, there are clumps floating around, use a toothpick or anything similar to break the clumps. Continue shaking the vial vigorously thereafter till the clumps dissolve. If possible (and it’s recommended) add some water to the mixing vial first and fill the rest thereafter. Moreover, shake or give the specimen cup a slight swirl so that it looks exactly like real urine.

As far as the type of water goes, you can use bottled or tap water. There isn’t much of a difference between the two. Tap water would obviously differ in terms of chemical composition across regions, but that should still not make much of a difference.

How Well Does Test Clear Work?

Before we talk about how well Test Clear works, the question is does it actually work. And the answer: yes, it does! But how well? That’s something that would vary across users. In other words, the results won’t be uniform across the board since the mixing and heating techniques could differ. Overall, the results are quite impressive.

Once all the mixing is done, the concocted liquid looks like real urine. The color could be a bit darker but that’s fine – it’s not a deal-breaker. As far as the smell goes, yes – you can smell real urine. The odor isn’t overpowering but it’s certainly distinguishable. Real urine is generally bubbly. When it’s shaken up, it bubbles quite a lot. Test Clear urine bubbles too.

As far as testing goes, the Test Clear sample should usually pass with flying colors, especially if the test is unsupervised. However, in certain cases where the testing is quite stringent, your sample may get rejected. But that’s usually not the norm. Also, when compared to blood tests, a urine test is a tad less accurate, which makes it easier to pass the test with duplicates.


Test Clear is extremely confident about its product and claims the fake urine kit has never failed any scrutiny. Though the statement is quite a stretch and sprinkled with a bit of exaggeration, most Test Clear users have also had mostly good things to say about the product. The company often comes up with discounts on its powdered urine kit too, which makes it a good buy whether you are using the kit for serious purposes or to pull a bed-wetting prank. Educational institutions and instructors wishing to buy the kit for their lab or classroom can get in touch with Test Clear for additional discounts.